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What does a Landscape Architect do? Do they dig holes? Sell flowers? Or do they just draw “pretty pictures?” The profession of Landscape Architecture has been perceived incorrectly by many and this upcoming Wednesday  that starts to change. Unknown to most, but Landscape Architecture actually requires a college degree which is a little longer than the typically 4 years. Internships are becoming the norm at universities giving students professional experience between their studies. Then even once you graduate you technically can’t even call yourself a Landscape Architect until you further your experience and pass the gauntlet that is the LARE (Landscape Architect Registration Exam).

So getting back to the original point, what does a Landscape Architecture do? Well they design and plan the environment that surrounds you. Basically everywhere you live, work and play at, has had a Landscape Architect’s touch put on it. Here are just a few examples of places that Landscape Architects create:

College Campuses
Commercial Property
Public & Therapeutic Gardens
Hotels & Resorts
Golf Courses
Parks & Recreational Areas
Residential Sites
Land Reclamation
City Planning
Transportation Corridors
Urban Environments

If you would like to see a little bit more, this video is a sample of what is to come this Wednesday 08-17-2011.

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