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Outdoor Design Group Unveils a New Online Portfolio

If you have visited our website anytime over the last year, you may have notice that the “portfolio” tab led to an innocuous page that didn’t have much to offer.

Well, after putting a great deal of time into formatting the images and debating the merits of several layout options, the Outdoor Design Group Portfolio has finally been revealed:

A screenshot from the new Outdoor Design Group online portfolio

A screenshot from the new Outdoor Design Group online portfolio

As with each of our websites, this was designed in-house.  We looked at several ways to display images before settling on a simple black background and clusters of images.  The main goal was to have something that showed off our work, yet was simple to navigate and that loaded quickly without the use of a spacial image viewer or flash.

We approached this design challenge by using many of the same principles we use to approach landscape design:

  • Eliminate clutter, keeping the design simple and elegant, less is more
  • Make the design functional and practical first, then integrate form
  • Imagine and anticipate how the user will interact with, experience, and move through the space

The main portfolio page shows an example of our diverse areas of design work.  By clicking on “Residential”, “Land Development”, or “Site Renovations”, you are able to move into a separate portfolio section that displays each respective type of work.

I would love to hear what you think – Do you think this layout and navigation works well?

This is the official blog of Outdoor Design Group, Colorado Landscape Architects.  For more information about our business and our services, click here.

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The 2 Common Types of Rebates Available for Renovating Your Landscaping to Save Water

Landscape rebates are becoming popular across the county as water conservation becomes a bigger issue and more people look for ways to save water.

Population growth is straining Photo of renovated landscapewater supplies and delivery systems, causing many water providers to provide great incentives to reduce water use.  Homeowner’s, businesses, and HOA’s are also looking for ways to trim their budgets and increase their long-term sustainability.

But landscape renovations can get expensive.  Thankfully, there are some great rebates out there that you can take advantage of to help offset the costs.  When you factor in the rebates, as well as significant water and maintenance savings, a landscape renovation can make a lot of sense for your property.

Irrigation Upgrades vs. Turf Removal

Most of the rebates out there focus on 2 main areas: Irrigation Upgrades and Turf Removal.

Irrigation upgrade rebates are offered to water customers to increase the efficiency of their irrigation systems.  Rebates are often offered to install more efficient spray nozzles, rain sensors, and controllers.

The rebates for these items are usually calculated per item installed, for example, $5 per efficient rotary nozzle, and $50 for a rain sensor.  For larger commercial properties there are often limit to the maximum rebate that can be obtained.

Turf removal rebates are geared toward removing areas of high water-use landscaping (usually lawns and turfgrass) and replacing those areas with low water-use landscaping.  The replacement landscaping can consist of  Xeriscape, native plants, and a variety of colorful shrubs, perennials, trees, and ornamental grasses.


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