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Plan Unveiled to Restore the National Mall in Washington DC

old photo of national mall
After several years of planning and public input, this week the United States Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis announced an agreement on a final plan to revitalize the National Mall.  The final plan was developed after four years of input from the public, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and other stakeholders.

According to the article released by ASLA (ASLA Advocacy Network), “the plan seeks to accomplish a number of objectives, including improving resources, public access, visitor amenities and monument preservation.”

Here are more excerpts from the article:

Some of the high priority projects include: improving the design and redevelopment of Union Square in front of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial; replacing the Capitol Reflecting Pool with a smaller pool or fountain that could also be used as a gathering place to ease strain on the nearby trees and grass; rebuilding the Tidal Basin seawalls; creating a multi-purpose visitor center; and building more restrooms.  

The plan also calls for improved sustainability through water conservation and tree restoration.  In particular, the reflecting pools at the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol will get circulating water systems that will filter and recycle water. The gravel and aging walkways would be replaced with sustainable, low maintenance paving materials and the iconic Elm trees would be restored along with improved monitoring of all vegetation and soils. 

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