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California Water Provider Announces New Water Conservation Rebate Programs

Thanks to Barbara Landrith at CLCA for sharing this great article (M2 Equitybites), excerpts from which follow:

Water and wastewater services provider California American Water, a subsidiary of American Water, stated on Thursday that the company and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District will be offering more rebates for installation of water-saving appliances and water-wise landscaping, commencing this month.

Residents can earn rebates for removing lawn and replacing it with low water use plants, permeable surfaces or synthetic turf. This programme now offers $1.25 per square foot of lawn removed and replaced with low water use plants or permeable surfaces up to 5,000 square feet (an increase from 2,000 square feet). Lawn replaced with synthetic turf qualifies for an additional rebate of $2.00 per square foot up to 2,000 square feet, bringing the maximum rebate amount to more than  $10,000.

My Thoughts: Those are pretty substantial rebates.  The amounts available are higher than I have seen in the past, and would be more than enough incentive for homeowners to consider renovating their landscaping to save water.

Unfortunately, the only landscape related rebates mentioned for commercial businesses are for graywater irrigation systems.   While I applaud those efforts, a much greater opportunity for water savings for commercial properties is in offering substantial rebates to replace high water-use landscaping with more water-wise landscaping.

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