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The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado

I often get asked to recommend Xeriscape plants for Colorado landscapes.  This is a difficult task because there are so many to chose from, and I would hate to limit anyone’s pallette to a limited number.  After all, it is the variety in color, textures, and form that makes Xeriscaping so attractive.

That being said, I do think a small list can be helpful to people who are new to the area, or are not familiar with the available plant choices and may be overwhelmed by a catalog of thousands of plants.   Although this is a Colorado list, most of these plants can be used in many places throughout the world depending on the local climate.

  • FernbushChamaebatiaria millefolium    Fernbush is a medium sized shrub with interesting fern-like leaves that persist throughout the winter.  This shrub requires little water or maintenance, and produces clusters of small white flowers in the late spring through early summer.Double Bubblemint
  • Agastache – Agastache ssp.    Agastache, or hummingbird mint, is a fragrant group of colorful perennial herbs that is available in many colors mostly ranging from orange to pink.  The plants are covered with beautiful tubular flowers from mid-summer to fall.  Hummingbirds absolutely love these plants. (more…)

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